Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where to find Heritage Pork

First off, to be as local and carbon-reducing as possible, search “heritage pork” with your zip code at localharvest.org. Or venture to your farmer’s market in search of a pork farmer. Who knows, there may be some Old Spot pork chops with your name on them.

Mail-Order Sources Include:

Debragga.com. This site sells Mangalitsa pork cuts and lard via mail order. Additional products and hams are available in New York, San Francisco and Seattle (see woolypigs.com for more information).

Heritagefoodsusa.com. Heritage Foods is the marketing arm for Slow Food USA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to regional cuisines and products. Heritage Foods USA processes about 150 antibiotic-free and pasture-raised pigs each week, from 20 farmers that hail from the Midwest and Virginia. They have weekly specials and good prices on heritage pork products, including a variety of cuts, hams and cured products.

Nimanranch.com. Niman Ranch is probably the largest distribution network of independent farmers in the U.S., producing antibiotic-free meat products that are served at high-end restaurants like Thomas Keller’s Per Se in Thomas Keller’s Per Se in New York. Niman has a network of more than 500 family hog farmers. They carry many all-natural pork cuts, including chops, ribs, roasts, sausages and cured hams.

Rockhousefarm.info. Located in Burke County, North Carolina, their animals are raised on 390 acres of pasture and woodland without antibiotics, hormones or the use of petroleum-based fertilizers. Farmer Pride Sasser raises Large Blacks, Gloucestershire Old Spots and Berkshire hogs, along with other heritage breed animals. The farm’s USDA-inspected meats are sold locally and via mail order.

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