Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Listening to Wendell Berry

I've had the pleasure of meeting and hearing Wendell Berry speak about the state of agriculture and the importance of local food systems several times. If you ever have the opportunity, definitely go see him. In the meantime, you can read one of his books, such as The Unsettling of America: Culture & Agriculture. I recently came across an interesting  article with Berry written five years ago by Louisville writer, Holly M. Brockman.
Here's an excerpt:
"Because the most secure, freshest and the best-tasting food supply is local food produced by local farmers who like their work, like their products and like having them appreciated by people they know. A local food system, moreover, is subject to the influence of its consumers and the dangers and vulnerabilities of a large, high-centralized, highly chemicalized, industrialized food system held together by long distance transportation. A locally adapted local food economy is the most secure against forms of political violence, epidemics and other threats." 

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