Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why Don't Farm Animals Get the Respect Pets Do? -

My friend Mark Bittman wrote about the sad lives of most conventional livestock in this country. I bet if most people knew how the majority of animals are treated - especially chickens and pigs - they wouldn't want to eat them. He makes the point that we should be treating animals more humanely, raising them properly, and eating less of them.
Why Don't Farm Animals Get the Respect Pets Do? - "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

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  1. As a small scale livestock producer i would like to see local and organically raised meat get some main stream media attention.As of lately it seems as if to many cases of meat recalls by large industrial meat packing operations that raise animals under a (CAFO) model have affected everyone in the meat industry,including the small family farmer/rancher.One instance of disease related news in the media has long standing effects in regards to the american consumers cofidence in thier perception of meat production as a whole.It's high time small producers come out and get in a dialog with the public about the benefits of buying locally and doing business with a person whom you trust and have the up-most cofidence in thier model of agricultural production.Sometimes farmers and ranchers are'nt the best at being public relations people,but in order to assure our patrons of the safety and sustainability of our meat and other farm products,and the care and nuturing our livestock recieve.We will have to wear yet another hat in order to seperate and distinguish ourselves from conventional big ag.